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Carol and Jordan

Marilyn --      I just wanted to let you know how happy Jordan and I are with the design work you did for us at our La Quinta residence.  You really listened to us about our design and budget guidelines.  The Casita and dining table/chairs look great.  We also are impressed with all the leg work you did to order, receive, wash, install, coordinate, etc. all the various pieces involved in the installation. 

Overall we are really pleased with the the project and look forward to seeing it finalized when the last few outstanding pieces come in.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Viviana Sormani Top 100 Brokers Coldwell Banker

"In 2005 I built a new home in La Quinta. Marilyn Hazan, with Hazan Designs, decorated it with me. This was the second project that she worked on with me. I haven't changed a thing. People come into my home and love it, and I love what Marilyn did for me. She was a pleasure to work with."

Craig Wesley

President of the California Desert Association of Realtors Staging the former Jack Benny Estate

"Dear Marilyn,
     Thank you so much for your talented efforts that transformed the Lurie Residence (the former Jack Benny Estate) on Avenida Palos Verdes in the Historic Movie Colony in Palm Springs. If anyone could take a "stale loaf of bread" and make it fresh again it is certainly you! I know that you pleased my sellers and I want you to know how pleased I am as well. You made it a pleasure to market the property, thank you very much."

Linda McCoy-Murray

President and Founder Jim Murray Memorial Foundation

"For ten years I lived with the most unsightly kitchen floor in my condo at PGA West in La Quinta. Thanks to your decorating talent, resources and patience, the kitchen is now ready for House Beautiful! I have recommended your interior design services to many of my Coachella Valley friends who appreciate the very best. And, when I'm ready for Phase II, your phone will ring. Thanks again, Marilyn."

Mark Wade

"In a world where honesty and integrity is becoming increasingly hard to find, it's with great pleasure I write this letter. I realize that mine was not one of the largest projects you ever undertook, but I feel it necessary to tell you that what you created for me changed my life. I could never have thought that updating my environment could be so painless and rewarding. A home is what you promised me and a home is what you delivered, on time and on budget, well done. It's now a pleasure to feel proud of my house and feel confident in entertaining anyone. Thanks again for my instant home!"

Sheryl Scott

Executiv Director, Nerium International for Party Planning

"Thank you!! It was a beautiful presentation of food and your skills!!! So nice meeting you!!

Diana Vietor

California Lifestyle Realty

"I have referred many of my clients to Marilyn Hazan and all with spectacular results. Whether she's freshening up a condo for resale or doing a complete remodel, she is honest, professional, punctual, has great taste and my clients rave about her. Please feel free to call if you have any questions. 760-964-3736"

Richard J. Spinelli

"I have worked with Marilyn during the past year prior to, during and following the interior design and renovations of my residence in La Quinta, CA. Initially, Marilyn and I met on a number of occasions in advance of any decisions being made on furnishings, fixtures, floor coverings, tile, granite, marble, lighting, paint colors or even on the suppliers and contractors to utilize for the project. These meetings included a review of Marilyn's role and her fees, listening to her opinions and suggestions and for Marilyn to learn of my ideas and goals. These sessions were quite important to me as it provided me an insight into exactly what would be done in the upcoming months, from the selection of the furnishings to the meeting of her suppliers and contractors. Once the process began, we continually exchanged ideas using Marilyn's knowledge and recommendations and my visions to select all of the furnishings.

As the project proceeded, Marilyn was present at the site to insure that the work was being done properly and with the highest quality of workmanship.  If changes were necessary during the project, Marilyn would promptly communicate with me to get my input and then see to it that they were done on a timely basis and properly completed. This was a credit to Marilyn and her hands on approach to the project and to her good relationship with each of the contractors involved.

The best way to summarize the entire process was Marilyn's willingness to listen to my ideas and my visions and incorporate them with her experience and recommendations. It was truly a collaborative effort, resulting in a very attractive yet very liveable home. The entire experience was a great investment of both my time and my money and the end result exceeded my expectations."

Nancy Jorgensen


"Thank you so much for your services in staging my home for resale. Your redesign was fabulous and everyone who came to see my property fell in love with it!! You really gave my home the designer touches that made my 20-year old condo look like a luxury casita! I appreciate how quickly you took to task the work to be done, from painting to tile. You supervised every step of the work to be done, as well as the workmen and workmanship. Thank you again, Marilyn. It was a pleasure working with you. You added thousands of dollars to the price of my home and saved me many hours of frustration as well."

Jim Dwulet

"Marilyn Hazan has overseen two complete remodels for me over the past two years. I started with two completely outdated condo units in the Santa Rosa Cove, next to The La Quinta Hotel and Resort.  Living in the Bay Area, and not being there to oversee the construction, Marilyn was the perfect partner. I received weekly, sometimes daily, updates of the construction progress.  Marilyn took charge of every detail, from appliances, fixtures, finishes, furniture, to door keys! In addition to making sure everything was perfect and the way I envisioned it, she made sure it was perfect for my tenants. She made sure the right hair dryer, toaster, garage door opener, mail box key, and even beer in the fridge was there for every tenant's arrival. Being an out of town owner I could not have done it without her. I unequivocally recommend her services and talents for anyone considering the arduous task of doing a remodel."

Peggy Brown

Staging the Brown Estate

"Dear Marilyn,
     Allen and I want to thank you very much for helping us get our house in top shape for the "turn key" sale. Last fall I felt overwhelmed with the whole project, but with your expertise it all came together...even on time! You were able to add a lot of great touches to each room, to all the flower beds and patio and then found the greatest chandelier for the entry. All this and you stayed within the budget we set. The house looks great! It was a pleasure working with you and getting to know you, Lucy and Tanya. Who knows, maybe there will be another project! Thank you again.
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Home Sweet Home Sec. II 

​"Interior Designers: 

What They Can Do For You"​


​Most people are hesitant to call or hire an Interior Designer. They do not understand how a designer works, what we do, what we charge or exactly how we can help in decorating their home. So here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Who are Interior Designers?

An Interior Designer is a trained professional who can provide a service or product for anything in the interior of a building or a home. An Interior Designer should save you time, money, and costly mistakes in decorating your home. A good designer will get products for the client at below retail cost. They provide decorating options, solve problems, and help you complete your home decorating.

What are some things an Interior Designer does?

  • Color coordination

  • Fabric selection

  • Theme, mood, style creation and         coordination

  • Furniture layout

  • Window and wall treatments

  • Bedding and accessories

  • New home product selections such as flooring, counters, cabinets

  • Reviewing blueprints to make sure they will meet your furniture and living needs

​A designer also has all of the resources to select, purchase and install any product that you may need and insure a quality product and qualified installer. A designer is your personal project manager for whatever you hire them for.


When should I hire an Interior Designer? 

An Interior Designer can be hired at any point in your decorating plan, beginning, middle, or end, but involving a designer in the earlier stages of your design project will make things easier for you. You hire a designer when you feel you need help, do not have the time, or do not want to do it all yourself. I find most people know what they like and have a personal sense of decorating.


They want guidance in things such as color coordination, pulling together a theme, mood and style, finding the right furniture, artwork and accessories, or giving their home a complete look. Sometimes they need someone to complete a project and tie it all together.


How much do Interior Designers charge? 

The minimum you would need to spend is for one hour of their time. There is no amount required to be able to hire a designer. Some designers do specialize and may have a minimum fee, but ask before setting the appointment. There are Interior Designers that are available and affordable to all.

What can I expect when I hire an Interior Designer? 

Expect to be working with a professional. Depending upon the services you hire the designer for, normally your first appointment is a fact-finding mission. They need to gather as much information from you as possible to insure that you are both working towards the same goal. The second appointment you are normally presented with samples and pictures to review, sort out, and approve. By the third appointment you should start making decisions on the items to be completed, and the fourth appointment ordering should begin. Then depending upon what is being completed, additional appointments may be necessary for finalization. Your designer will then place your orders, project manage, scheduled installations and follow-up on completion.  Also, make sure you hire someone you like, because as you can see, you will develop a close relationship with this person.  Interior design is truly a personal service and you both must enjoy the experience.
What is a Design Consultation? 

​A Design Consultation is when you hire a designer on an hourly basis for decoration ideas and guidance. You can then move forward yourself, or hire the designer to complete the project for you. I find more of my clients want to do it themselves, but are looking for a little help along the way.

A Design Consultation is a great way to save yourself time, money and costly mistakes by getting some advice from an expert before you start. 



What can an Interior Designer achieve during a Design Consultation? 

Q​uite a lot can be achieved. During a consultation you are sharing many design ideas, solving problems and providing guidance. Here are some examples:

  • General furniture layout and space planning

  • Color coordination of any fabrics, flooring, paint, and finishes

  • Window treatment and wall covering suggestions

  • Review of artwork and accessory placement

  • Continuity of theme, mood and style

What is Interior Re-arranging?

This is a wonderful practice of design where what you have in your home is taken and rearranged to meet your new or changing needs. This works great if you have moved into a new home and want to reuse what you have, or if you have been in your home a while and want a new look. Everything moveable is rearranged to give you a new and fresh look. You would be charged by either the square foot or by the hour, but expect to be given an exact amount before the re-arrangement would take place. Depending upon the size of the project, it should be completed in one day.

Do not be afraid to call and talk to an Interior Designer. As you can see they can help in many areas of your home decorating plan. A good professional will open up a world of possibilities for you and save you time, money and costly mistakes.

For more information please call

Marilyn Hazan at Marilyn Hazan Designs:

(310) 770-7144.

Happy Decorating!


The Desert Sun

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